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Hi, my name is Trish Jagoda, owner and operator of Silverbrook Kennels. Though I was born in Beaufort, SC, to a Marine Corps family, I have been a resident of Virginia since I was 6 months old. Growing up, I always had pets. Most of my animal “companions” were dogs. On a daily basis, I would set up training sessions for my dogs on our front porch. I always wanted to teach them new things and figure out the best way to approach doing that. Back then we had Poodles or Schnauzers. They were always smart dogs; I gave them all the credit for the parlor tricks we all would perform for my Parents in the yard. It wasn’t until years later, and after graduating from Art School that I began to realize I may have an aptitude to speak their language. Then, and now, I couldn’t imagine my life without at least a few dogs in it!

For as long as I can remember, my parents, by their example and actions, sought to instill a healthy spirit of competition and independence in my brother, Jack, and me. My father, Maj. John M. Jagoda, Sr., was an Olympic Gold Metal Shooter, a Pan American Games Gold Metal Shooter, and a 26- time world record holder. Though my mother professes to not be an athlete, she loved to shoot the pistol with my Dad and would accompany him on a daily basis while he would practice at the pistol range on base. In fact, my Mother won the Wahini Pistol Shooting Championship while my father was stationed in Hawaii.

After my father retired from the Marine Corps, my parents opened a trophy and awards manufacturing business close to Quantico VA. We produced awards for schools, organizations and many government contracts. Through the years, our family company would manufacture specialty awards for many of the Field Trials and Hunt Tests through out the country. In fact, in my early years of competition, it wasn’t abnormal for us to supply awards for the events we would compete in. I usually made the awards that I wound up winning on a given weekend.

“Dicey”, with Trish and Roger Atkins (owner)

My mother opened her own antique business in our small  town, which she operated from 1972 until 1989. She was well known by people traveling up and down the east coast who just had to stop in on their way through Fredericksburg. My Mother taught me quite a bit about honesty, drive, integrity and hard work. Growing up, I always admired her for the ability to make a living on her own in a time when women didn’t typically own their own businesses. I attribute my ability to persevere in tough times, from the life lessons taught by my Mother.

Upon graduating from James Monroe High School in Fredericksburg, VA., in 1975,  I attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA on an art scholarship. Following my second year at VCU, I elected to pursue my passion for artistic design and photography, and so applied to and was accepted at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. I earned my degree in photography in 1980. In fact, I take most of the pictures for the current Silverbrook web page. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of dogs and wildlife.

After my father’s death, the family trophy manufacturing business was sold and I decided to pursue my life-long passion for working with animals. I am very fortunate to be able to use my artistic talent and my love for animals at Silverbrook Kennels. I  designed the current Silverbrook Kennels from the ground up and have used my artistic passion and love for molding and teaching animals to design my own training program that works! I made my share of mistakes through the years, finally learning how to communicate in a way that dogs understand. I realized that if they understand what is expected of them, most of the time they will respond favorably to my requests.  The success I enjoy today as a business owner and as a competitive dog trainer and handler have evolved from over 30 years working to perfect this program.

I believe in running a kennel business as though my own dogs are the only customers. Your dog should be treated and cared for in a way that is at least as good as what I would demand as a loving and responsible dog owner. I believe in respecting animals and finding a way to make them understand they are safe and loved when they are in my care. That belief is what led me to open my own kennel. I truly love the way my life’s work has evolved. I strive to show it every day with my passion and dedication to help make you and your dog the best team possible.


Silverbrook Kennels is owned and operated by Trish Jagoda of Fredericksburg, VA. She has been training and competing with Labrador Retrievers since acquiring her first Lab, GMHR/WR Lacey J “Lacey”, on April 4, 1981. Trish began working with Lacey in much the same way every novice trainer/handler does. “I knew nothing about training hunting dogs… Lacey taught me that the right dog can make a person look very good”. Owing “Big Lacey” credit for the success they enjoyed together through the years, Lacey’s blood is the root of Trish’s competition and breeding stock to this day, 27 years later.

During the first few years of NAHRA’s existence, dogs earned and accumulated points by qualifying in hunt tests throughout the calendar year. By the end of the calendar year, only the 30 dogs who had accumulated the most points were invited to participate in the annual NAHRA Invitational event. Lacey always seemed to be in those “top 30” qualifying dogs! In the second NAHRA National Invitational in 1986, Trish was the only female handler to be invited and the first to qualify a dog at the event. Since 1986, Silverbrook dogs have qualified each year to participate in the NAHRA Invitational.


Through Lacey, Silverbrook Kennels produced her daughter, GMHR/WR Southland Bomber’s Black Lace, “Midgie”. These girls racked up more points and titles than any other mother/daughter team in the history of the NAHRA program. In the three years between 1987 and 1989 the two had accumulated nearly 1200 points and many “All American Team” honors. At the age of 6, Midgie became one of a handful of dogs to reach the “1000 lifetime points” distinction.

In 1988, “Petey”, GMHR/WR Southland Repeat Performance was born. Petey was extremely well-bred and an outstanding producer, siring dogs throughout the country. These retrieving maniacs are referred to fondly as, “Petey Pups”.

The breeding of “Petey” and “Midgie” (Lacey’s Daughter) in 1991, produced “Lacey II”, GMHR Silverbrook’s Lacey J. Following in the outstanding footsteps of her dam and sire, Lacey was a Grand Master Hunting Retriever. She has qualified for eight Invitationals and is a second generation “1000 lifetime points” competitor.

In 1992, Trish was selected as the first woman to judge a NAHRA Invitational event. The site was Savees Island in Portland, Oregon. During that event, a co-judge informed Trish of the availability of an outstanding field trial dog, FC/AFC/MHR Westwind’s Bold Tiger.


Tiger’s name appears on “AKC’s list of all time high scoring dogs”. Following his arrival in 1992, Tiger sired countless litters. Consequently, there are so many NAHRA titled dogs throughout the country sired by Tiger, that it would be impossible to count them all. Tiger passed away in 1996 leaving a legacy that has, as written by Tim Schrack, Huntingdon, PA “…improved the genetics of East Coast dogs for years to come.”


In 2006, the 5th generation was born to the breeding and competitive program here at Silverbrook. Silverbrook Lacey J, “Lacey” was born. Lynn Foraker of Newark DE, bred her Lacey pup, Mercy. This is the third Lacey born from the original, dating back to 1981.


Many Master Hunters, All Americans, and 1000-point dogs at Silverbrook Kennels will be descendants of these four great animals: Lacey, Midgie, Petey, and Tiger. The basic premise at Silverbrook Kennels is to perpetuate the working drive, looks, determination and desire of these four dogs. Silverbrook Kennels’ success, both now and in the future, originates from the outstanding lines of these working Labrador Retrievers.



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